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Thank you! And a quick note...

First off thank you for visiting the Parallel Goods blog and a big thank you to all of our early customers.

We wanted to post a quick note to everyone about some changes to our online store that affects previous orders. The company that handles our digital downloads, Downtown, has announced they're shutting down their service. As a result, we've had to switch to a new provider.

How does this affect previous orders?
If you've previously purchased anything from our store you should be receiving an email with a new download link shortly. If you don't receive this, just send us an email with your Shopify order number and we'll get you a new link stat.

If you have any questions or need support, please reach out to us at:

What's next for Parallel Goods?

We're diligently working on our next collection which we're planning to release sometime in 2016. Follow us on twitter & instagram for updates.