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A nice article about the Parallel Goods creative process by All3DP

All3DP wrote a nice article detailing some of the creative process and thoughts behind the designs in the Desk Collection 2015.

Some of my favorites quotes from the article include:

  • "It’s an experiment in making durable parts with this technology rather than small, flimsy, cutesy things that seem to populate the world or 3d printing online thus far." co-founder and lead designer Craig Stover, on the Sawhorse Bracket
  • "We went through over 30 iterations of this design before landing on the final concept. Different configurations involving different lumber sizes, different hardware, but in the end, we wound up with a design that was highly printable, and very easy to assemble." co-founder Joe Carpita on the Sawhorse Bracket
  • "It was quite a challenge building off the notion of a French Cleat, while not copying it exactly as it wouldn’t print easily." Craig Stover, on the bracket for the Push-Pin Organizer
  • "The idea for this came about when working at Craig’s when refining a model, and we were talking about what we should do next. I looked over at Craig’s desk and he had an early prototype of the Self-Watering Planter Reservoir full of pens and pencils; and kind-of nudged to him and said 'I think that’s our answer.'" Joe Carpita, on the inspiration for the Push-Pin Organizer

Read the full article here! And shop the Parallel Goods Desk Collection 2015 here!