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Announcing the Entryway Collection!

After almost a year of development and refinement we're proud and excited to announce the release of our Entryway Collection.

Continuing to deliver on our promise of beautiful and useful products designed with consumer 3D printers in mind, the vision of the Entryway Collection is to provide basic utility in a beautiful way and liven up an often overlooked area in the home.

The Entryway Collection includes a Bench Bracket that combines with a piece of kiln-dried lumber to create a small bench.

A heavy-duty-yet-elegant Hook & Cubby set for coats, bags, and backpacks.

Also, our innovative Wall Pendant Light is a bracket for turning a plug-in pendant into a wall sconce to brighten up a typically dim area of the home.

Also as part of the Entryway Collection, we've released another free design – the Push-Pin Clip. The Push-Pin clip is quick print that utilizes a push-pin to allow you to hang things to the wall without damaging their flat stock or other art.