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Entryway Collection Preview!

We're in the home stretch of finishing up our next great collection of 3D printable designs, but we wanted to share an update to quickly reassure everyone we're still working!

The next collection is centered around printing your way to a beautiful and functional  Entryway and includes:

A small bench made from standard lumber.

Assembles by hand in minutes!

Next, a bracket for turning a standard hanging pendant light into a wall sconce

A small wall mounted cubby that doubles as a bag hook.

A clip for flat stock & artwork which uses push-pins to adhere to the wall without damaging the art! (we're planning on releasing this design for free on Thingiverse)

And finally, a simple coat hook that's able to support up to 25lbs. without breaking a sweat. Or breaking.

The wall pendant light, the cubby, the push-pin clip, and the wall hook designs print in two parts for customization to match your decor and tastes. As always, all our designs come with thorough instructions for assembly. We've done all the hard work and leg work, it's up to you to print, assemble, and enjoy!

Stay tuned!