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Making the Parallel Goods Entryway Collection!

In November of 2016 we released our second collection, centered around the entryway. We know how much we enjoy seeing other's process of creating new designs for 3D printing on sites like reddit (shout out to /r/3dprinting and /r/functionalprint), so we thought we would share a few albums that document the design process for creating our Entryway Collection. Because we don't have a factory (that's on you!) this is the closest thing we have to a "how it's made" video...for now.

For those of you who frequent the /r/DIY subreddit, we styled these posts to mimic the format of those albums.

Our Push-pin Clip design is available free on our website, and also on thingiverse and cults3D.

We hope you enjoy our designs (and process!) as much as we do!