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Parallel Goods on PSFK!

As designers there's little that's more flattering than when a news source you read daily for inspiration covers your designs. PSFK writer Rachel Pincus covered Parallel Goods in a recent update, and we couldn't be happy by what she wrote. Check out "Deskwares Churned Out On Your Home 3D Printer for Cheap" on PSFK, then stop by our store and pick up the files to print the Desk Collection yourself!

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A nice article about the Parallel Goods creative process by All3DP

All3DP wrote a nice article detailing some of the creative process and thoughts behind the designs in the Desk Collection 2015. Some of my favorites quotes from the article include: "It’s an experiment in making durable parts with this technology rather than small, flimsy, cutesy things that seem to populate the world or 3d printing online thus far." co-founder and lead designer Craig Stover, on the Sawhorse Bracket "We went through over 30 iterations of this design before landing on the final concept. Different configurations involving different lumber sizes, different hardware, but in the end, we wound up with a design that was highly printable, and very easy to assemble." co-founder Joe Carpita on the Sawhorse Bracket "It was quite a...

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