Hook & Cubby

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The Hook & Cubby were designed to provide basic utility in a beautiful way. Both of these products print in two parts, allowing customization of colors and simple installation. 

The Hook is capable of holding 20 pounds (9kg) of weight, handling coats, bike helmets, heavy bags with ease. The Cubby is a small storage bin that is perfect for keys, wallets, and any other small items that need a home near the door. It also handles 20 pounds (9kg) of weigh, perfect for messenger bags with large straps.

We like to think of it of a collection within a collection, two designs for the price of one. Be sure to check out the included instructions for recommended hardware and assembly information to make sure you get the most out the Hook & Cubby.

  • Material:  PLA
  • Weight*:  
    • Hook – 35g
    • Cubby – 110g
  • Total Size:
    • Hook – 3.6" x 1" x 2.2"
    • Cubby – 4.5" x 2.8" x 3.4"
  • Time to Print:  
    • Hook – ~3 hours
    • Cubby – ~5 hours

*for both parts: the body & mounting cleat

Terms & Conditions: Full Terms & Conditions are included in the instructions, but in plain language – you're allowed to use the designs you buy from us for personal use only. This means you are welcome to print as many copies as you'd like, and give those copies to friends and families as gifts (and it would be awesome if you did that!). However, any commercial use of the digital design files or prints of those files is strictly prohibited (non-commercial); and, you cannot share the files with someone, or on a repository, and claim it's just "transferring the license" (non-transferable).

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You'll get a ZIP file containing the STLs and a PDF set of instructions for printing & use.

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Hook & Cubby

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