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About Us

Parallel Goods was founded on the vision of making good design accessible by embracing new technology. 

Our beautiful and useful products are designed with consumer desktop 3D printers in mind. We are a Chicago-based collective of product designers, so we’re always balancing form and function in our designs. We regularly post updates to twitter and instagram, so follow us there for more news; and we occasionally release some models for free on thingiverse.

Our Team

Joe Carpita, Co-Founder – Joe lives in Chicago, IL and works as a strategist, working on projects ranging from creative futures and design strategy to brand experience and service design. With clients ranging from single-person startups to fortune 100 companies, Joe is never afraid to tackle problem head on, large or small. A 3D-printing advocate and technology enthusiast, he blogs (at length) about his thoughts on technology, design, and business at

Craig Stover, Co-Founder, Design Lead Craig Stover is an Industrial Designer. His experiences include consulting for large corporations, building furniture, and designing solutions for the rural poor in Cambodia. He believes in the power of 3d printing as a boundless tool for designers, and the most intimate way for products to be shared across the world. He looks forward to whatever is next.

Daniel Schaumann, Designer – Daniel Schaumann is a multi-faceted creative who effortlessly straddles the line between design and engineering. With degrees in both Industrial Design and Material Sciences, Daniel’s experience ranges from consulting for companies large and small through his company Dansch, to designing and building custom bicycles under his Pachyderm brand. He is also and adjunct design instructor at the University of Illinois-Chicago, educating the next generation of designers on industrial design sketching and visualization.

Darek Piech, Designer – Darek Piech is a Chicago based Industrial Designer originally hailing from Kraków, Poland. To refer to Darek as only a designer, maker, or craftsman would be an understatement. Darek has a passion for product design; and anyone who’s worked with Darek enjoys that he’s more likely to set a prototype of an idea made of foam core or wood in front of you than a slick sketch. While Darek takes a mechanically-minded approach to design, he never loses sight of the beauty of the final form. In his years as a design consultant he has a proven record of delivering designs which are both highly functional and aesthetically desirable.

Mark Weiser, Designer – Mark is a restless product designer. He likes to explore and experiment making things both physical and digital and isn’t afraid to test with new tools and software. He’s passionate about creating things with as little material and process as possible. One such thing is his kickstarter-launched push-pin product line called Pon. When he’s not making things or collaborating with others he likes to escape the city to enjoy the wilderness.


Parallel Goods is a Conduit project.